Photo: Nancy Beckerman

Wendy Beckerman

Wendy Beckerman, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, has taught mindfulness meditation and yoga since 1998. She has a passion for living the practices and revealing fresh insights. Her clear, centering voice and compassionate guidance emphasize the richness of moment-to-moment awareness, and inspire a sense of community among participants.

Exactly How It Is - Wendy Beckerman
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Phot Christine Burke

Louise Taylor

Hawaii-based recording artist Louise Taylor studied voice with vocal innovator Frank Baker.  Her engaging style as a vocal coach dispels the mystery and fears of vocalization. In her 20+ years of teaching experience, she has found that anyone can learn to sing and/or speak with more ease, tonal quality, confidence and brilliance.

Walk With Me - Louise Taylor
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Instructors Louise Taylor and Wendy Beckerman met as singer/songwriters in 1991, and have since shared an ever-deepening interest in body awareness, breath, and wholehearted presence in their professional and personal lives. Working together, they discovered exciting commonalities between mindfulness and vocal expression.

"Both [instructors] were authentic, effective, magical, in tune, humble, approachable people. [Their] material was honed and well delivered. Truly an inspiration."

~ Leann G.

Photo: Suzanne Comelo

"Uh-Maze-Ing!! Both [instructors] were amazing in [their] own right, but together with the topics of this workshop ... a perfect match. I greatly appreciated the authenticity and vulnerability [they] shared with us."

~ Suzanne C.

"Funny, smart, organized, knowledgeable, compassionate, present."

~ Jane P.

"[Wendy and Louise] created a very safe space, supported by [their] energy and leadership, that allowed a group of strangers to feel safe being that vulnerable to push out of their comfort zones."

~ Suzanne C.

"...the super-supportive group helped us all to get over the sometimes terrifying threshold of performance. 

~ Harold S.

Notes of appreciation:

" of the most moving and loving times I have had with a large group of very open hearted people.  I think that is due to you [Wendy] and Louise and how you held us."

~ Jane K.

"I'm in awe of how well planned [the Retreat] was, how much attention to detail you have, and how you created such a warm, safe, and creative space."

~ Alice D.

"My heart is full. Thank you so much for your magic, your groundedness and amazing ability to ground. I cannot think of one thing that could have made this weekend any better, any more fulfilling. You drew the right people and held us so beautifully."

~ Teresa C.

"We loved, loved, loved the weekend! Truly magical in every way!! We’re thinking you may have the answer to world peace!!"

~ Peg M. and Duane N.