3-Minute Lifetime

One of the things I love about singing is its meditative quality. It takes a deep inner focus to travel along the moving soundscape of a song. It is a landscape that changes with each passing. While walking along the same steppingstones (words and melody), the things you notice and the places you go will be different every time.

Singing is an opportunity to wake up and view your inner details with a powerful microscope. The song becomes a vehicle for traveling the inner spaces of your focus and intent. The more you discover, the more you find there is to learn. I call it “The 3-Minute Lifetime,” also known as a song.

Being present and aware from the beginning to the end is your 3-minute challenge. Many things are there to distract you; your own mind telling you unkind things as you go, the laundry list, outside noise.

When you are really in the singing zone everything else falls away and all your effort becomes a natural way of being. One process leads you to the next and you leap along the steppingstones, taking off into effortless flight.

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